Re: [stella] Programming Contest?

Subject: Re: [stella] Programming Contest?
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 21:40:28 -0700
> The contest would involve the creation of a 2600 game which uses the
> driving controllers.  You see, my all time favorite 2600 game is Race /
> Indy 500.  The Tag and especially hit the box games are just too much
> fun!  However, these poor controllers were otherwise ignored and I'd like
> to see them get used.  (I know, Bob Colbert's Stella Sketch used them, but
> that's not available anymore.)

The biggest problem I see is acquiring a driving controller,
without which I can't test my work on real hardware.  For
that matter I've never tried the simulators -- how good is
the emulation?  I can vaguely recall that these things existed
at one time, wouldn't have a clue in heck where to find one.
The Z26 docs don't really illuminate the question of whether
the controller is analog, and how it is read.

The judging criteria would have to be spelled out in some
detail.  For example, I'd say a hack to an existing game
to support the controller should be eligible in case nobody
builds a whole new game, but a whole new game should
get precedence over such a hack even if the hack plays
better (after all, you're hijacking someone else's work).
But if the hack was super smooth and the original game
terribly lame with bad graphics, it might win anyway...

What is the most important factor in judging "quality
of game play" for the contest?  What would we be coding
for?  And just how much is a Cuttle Cart worth?  :-)

--Roger Williams

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