[stella] Re: Programming Contest?

Subject: [stella] Re: Programming Contest?
From: "Andrew Wallace" <apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 08:14:37 GMT
Chad Schell writes:

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I'm just not sure how well it would actually work. I'm considering holding a programming contest with the prize being a free Cuttle Cart.

The contest would involve the creation of a 2600 game which uses the driving controllers. You see, my all time favorite 2600 game is Race / Indy 500. The Tag and especially hit the box games are just too much fun!

Yes it's great fun.
Even my 10 year old nephew (you know the type -- old games are lame...) admitted that Indy 500 was fun.

I am currently about half way through developing my first 'warm-up' game (I will post the current version to the list in a few days after my cuttle cart arrives (currently it is somewhere between LA and Adelaide) (I can't have anyone else running it on a real 2600 before I do)).

My next game is planned to use the driving controller (taking some of the gameplay of space zap, warlords and turmoil ... fast and noisy).

However, these poor controllers were otherwise ignored and I'd like to see them get used. (I know, Bob Colbert's Stella Sketch used them, but that's not available anymore.)

Anyway, I don't like writing games - so I'll never create a game that uses them. So I figure this is possibly a way to get some more games out there. However, because throwing together a 2600 game isn't trivial, I'm not sure how many people would actually enter or how long the contest would have to run to give people a chance.

I guess most of us are doing this 2600 development as a very part time thing so the contest should probably stretch out for quite a while.

So I thought I'd ask the collection of people who do the most 2600 programming. Is such a contest worth holding? Would anyone here be interested? Would it help if hacked versions of current games counted, like Race with more courses, or tag on ice, or Gyruss with driving controllers etc?

Some new Indy 500 tracks or game play modes would be great, hopefully someone will take on the challenge. Convert this 2K masterpiece into a 4K triumph.


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