[stella] My first (half) game + Cuttle Cart comments

Subject: [stella] My first (half) game + Cuttle Cart comments
From: "Andrew Wallace" <apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 21:48:26 +1030
Well, here is the current state of my game (a sort of 'space laser' variation).
The current state:
The upper player just moves and fires randomly.
The upper energy/lives bar is just updated to add some action until I add the energy/lives code.
The lower player is controlled by joystick 0.
There is quite a way to go (collision detection for the rocks and the players, energy use / replenish, game variations, switches, AI for one player game, a better random routine, paddles for movement is also a possibility, title screen)
Now, some questions:
Does the attached NTSC bin work correctly on an NTSC 2600, I think I got the scan lines right, but ...?
In general can NTSC users use PAL 2600 games successfully?
I'm running on a PAL system here (in Australia) and the NTSC version works OK for me but the colours are wrong (as expected). I'll have to add a NTSC 2600 to my collection as so many of the roms are easier to find in NTSC format.
My Cuttle Cart arrived today and it is truly a wonderful device. Now I can press a single keystroke in my editor, and 6 seconds later my program is running on a real 2600. Chad has provided a great service for the 2600 community.

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