Re: [stella] DD Driving Controller Routines (works)

Subject: Re: [stella] DD Driving Controller Routines (works)
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:59:02 +0100
29.10.01 07:36:48, Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

>As they say, two steps forward, one step back.

You'll get used to that :-)

>Now the bad news.
>I noticed that the sprite scanout routine is broken and I never even 
>noticed it until now!
>For one thing, it's showing one scanline too few of data for P1.
>Also, when I set the starting Y positions of P0 and P1 to different 
>neither displays at all.
>When I comment out either the P1Loop or P0Loop code, it makes the 
>sprite not show up.  I have no idea why the code for one is so 
dependent on 
>the other.
>So I'm definitely stuck there in need of some assistance, please? ;)

That's easy. You are using VDELPx to position your sprites in a two line 
kernel with single line resolution. So you *must* write to both GRPx 
registers, even when only one of the sprites is displayed. The easiest 
way to do so, is to *always* write both registers during kernel.

Change your kernel into this:

        TYA                     ;+2     
        SEC                     ;+2
        SBC  P0_Y               ;+3
        ADC #CarHeight+2        ;+2
        BCS .drawP0             ;+2/+3
        LDA #0                  ;+2
        BEQ .setP0              ;+3
        LDA (P0_CurrentFramePtr),Y ; +5
        STA GRP0                ;+3
;                               MAX 20 cycles

        TYA                     ;+2     
        SEC                     ;+2
        SBC  P1_Y               ;+3
        ADC #CarHeight+2        ;+2
        BCS .drawP1             ;+2/+3
        LDA #0                  ;+2
        BEQ .setP1              ;+3
        LDA (P1_CurrentFramePtr),Y 
        STA GRP1                ;+3

That increases your cycle count by two. If you are running out of cycles, 
you could remove the SEC in the P1 code and put it into the LDA #0 
branch of P0. This reduces the maximum cycle count for P0 by one, but 
decreases the count for P1 by two. So that will save you one cycle.

BTW: Please define PF_Reflect in your code, not in your special vcs.h. 
That makes it easier to compile your code.

Have fun!

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