Re: [stella] game ideas

Subject: Re: [stella] game ideas
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:33:02 -0500
10/30/2001 12:49:59 PM, Ben Larson <wazzapfool@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Does anyone know if there's ever been an artillery
>shooting game for the know, where you
>control the elevation and power of your shot and try
>to hit the other guy on the other side of the screen

In addition to the others mentioned, there's Human Cannonball, sort of :)

>Regarding the 'Rampart' clone, it would be very sweet,
>although probably very hard.  I suppose it could be
>done with one castle on the left and one on the right
>(instead of diagonally), with the river in the middle.
> That might make things a *little* easier as far as
>drawing the river in the middle using the PF
>registers.  The castles themselves would be done with
>the PF registers too, obviously.  I suppose the
>cannons might be able to be done with the player
>graphics and some RESPx trickery.  The flying
>cannonballs would probably have to be done with just
>the ball or missile graphics...if at all.  Probably
>some serious flicker any way you cut it...

Separate the castles vertically instead, and Rampart is just about doable.

You pretty much can't do RESPx trickery while rewriting PF registers. :)
Restrict the cannon placements to six columns, and, no RESPx needed,
you can draw them with only one player either flickering or (I like this) as
Video Chess venetian-blinds, leaving the other player for the castles.  For
flying cannonballs over castles territory, flicker one per frame; for the river
area in the middle, you've plenty of time to use a sprite-sharing routine
like Bob Colbert's.

(I hope I've played the same Rampart as everyone else; I think I've only
ever played the SNES version...)

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