RE: [stella] game ideas

Subject: RE: [stella] game ideas
From: "dboris" <dboris@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 16:40:27 -0500
Not related to these ideas but...

I was thinking the other day that a good game to port to the 2600 would be
the Atari 8-bit game called Cavern's of Mars. For anyone not familier with
this game, it's similar to Scramble or Super Cobra, but instead of the
screen scrolling right to left it scrolled from the bottom up, as if you
ship was flying down into a deep pit. Targets appeared on ledges along the
way and your ship could shoot straight down to destroy them. This game would
be particualarly well suited to the 2600 because your sprite object would
rarely line up horizontally across the screen, making it real easy to have a
lot of objects on the screen without flicker.


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> Does anyone know if there's ever been an artillery
> shooting game for the know, where you
> control the elevation and power of your shot and try
> to hit the other guy on the other side of the screen
> (a la 'Worms' for the PC)?  Reason I ask is because
> I'm working on such a game right now.  Suppose maybe I
> should've asked before starting, huh? :)  If only I
> was more familiar with the VCS game library...
> Anyway, idea I had:  I was wondering if
> anyone has ever played the 2-player mode of the game
> 'Rampart' for the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis (It's
> a castle-shooting game, kinda like Warlords, but more
> advanced).  I was thinking that would make for an
> interesting port to try to do for the VCS.  Might not
> even be feasable though...thoughts?
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