Re: [stella] List guidelines

Subject: Re: [stella] List guidelines
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 11:20:43 +0100
Glenn Saunders wrote:
>Out of the ~200 members, there appears to only be a handful of
>people actively coding for the platform or offering advice to
>other coders.

I wish, there would be some more.

>Noncoders are, of course, welcome. 


>I'm more worried when a long time goes by
>WITHOUT anybody posting their code to the list! 

Me too!

>Also, I think it's far more useful to post the complete
>sourcecode than to exchange code fragments in the body of
>Emails.  That way you can see the code in context with the
>entire program, and maybe catch other details elsewhere while

It depends on the problem, sometimes it's hard to dig into
somebody elses code, because the code in question is mixed with 
other code. Then a fragment is much easier to understand.

>I also prefer the attachments in the list instead of, let's
>say, an HTML link.  That way they get added to the overall
>Biglist archive, for posterity.

The archive rules! We should encourage everybody to use it.
So, a guidline I'd like to see, is: As a newbie, have a look
at the archives (or follow the list for a while) before
starting to ask questions.

>Stellalist really isn't here to entertain. 

But often it really does :)

>I did not call a stop to the computer science thread because I
>think general computer science theory is highly relevant to
>any programming endeavor, including the 2600.  I know some
>people thought that was too off topic.  In my opinion it

I liked that thread too, but when I feeled, it started to become
"religious" (=OT), I had to add my two cents.

>I also think generic game design theory is also highly
>relevant, or aesthetic discussions, because 2600 programming
>forces all of us to be the designers and the artists in
>addition to the programmers.

Yes, as long as it can somehow be linked to the 2600
programming. Discussions about i.E. high language (not DASM :-)
features won't help here at all.

Have fun!
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