[stella] Gunfight 2600 Beta Release!

Subject: [stella] Gunfight 2600 Beta Release!
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:44:42 +0100
Hi there!

I'm finished with the 'Game Frame'!

(Alex, if you're reading this, could you possibly make 
this BIN a 'Public Beta' on Atari Age?)

All 4 Game modi are now defined, here's the rules:

1. Standard Duell

The first player to score 7 points wins

2. Sixshooter Duell

The first player to score 7 points wins. (Well... :-))

3. Escape Scenario

The left player wins when scoring _once_!
The right player wins when surviving 99 time units.

4. Target Shooting

The first player to score 77 points wins.
Hitting a target scores 1 point.
Hitting the opponent scores 5 points.

In case of winning a game, you'll get a different 'Death 
Scene' now.

Modes are skipped with SELECT & scenarios with RESET. 
Slow/Fast Bullets and AI On/Off are toggled with the 
difficulty switches.
Horizontal Bounce is en/disabled with the B/W switch
Game starts with the left player firing

I'd like to ask everybody to playtest this BIN over the 
weekend and give me some feedback how the modi work for 
you and if there's any bugs left in the game.

I'm more or less caling 'Feature Stop!' now, i.e. all 
I'll do in future versions will be bugfixing and very 
very very minor gameplay changes.

Apart from that there's only two parts left to do, that 
is AI tweaking and the winning sequence(s).
Both tasks shouldn't change the current 
gameplay/features, that's why I finally call this 
version a beta.

Don't forget to send a bug report in case!


P.S.: Joe: You possibly trapped over a very rare bug, 
when experiencing no bullets. Did you per chance play in 
sixshooter mode and died/selected/reseted when your 
cowboy was out of ammo? If it was the case, I hope it's 
fixed now...

P.P.S: I'm probably updating the Gunfight page on the 
Epyx Shrine ( http://home.nexgo.de/cybergoth/ ) within 
the next 2 hours, too. But [Stella] readers won't find 
anything new there anyway :-)

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