Re: [stella] Difficulty Switches vs. Tap

Subject: Re: [stella] Difficulty Switches vs. Tap
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 11:30:38 +0100
Glenn Saunders wrote:

>I'm not convinced against it, but maybe people also shouldn't 
be so dead 
>set against using the difficulty switches too.  If people can 
use the 
>color/b&w for Starmaster during the game, I don't see how 
different it is here.

I think, you can't compare that. 

In Starmaster you normally only have to use the switch when the 
gameplay isn't stressing.

In your game, the reverse gear is a central part of the 
gameplay, so it should be easily accessable. The difficulty 
switches aren't good for this (and maybe would get broken 

But with the driving controllers, it should be possible to 
reverse direction of the car within 8 (maybe less, see below) 
frames. And the "tap method" won't be faster, unless you 
require *very* fast tapping.

For faster turning you could recognize abrupt twists and use 
them. Based on the old turning direction you could use a twist 
with +2 for faster turning (4 frames) or a full 180 degrees 
turn (1 frame!).

Have fun!

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