Re: [stella] unrolling inner loop

Subject: Re: [stella] unrolling inner loop
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 09:14:19 +0100
Glenn wrote:
> I attempted to unroll the inner tombstone loop...

Before you start unrolling, you should try to optimize the kernel to it's maximum first. Unrolling is allways the last thing I would do, because it extremly increases the chances of potential bugs as long as you are still work inside the kernel. And that makes optimizing even harder.

And I just noticed, that your tombstone-height is 8, which makes it possible to squeeze my last code a bit more. Now, you don't need the table, you just can use AND:

    NOP                    ;+2
    NOP                    ;+2
.nextBlock:                ;        carry is unchanged
    DEY                    ;+2
    TYA                    ;+2      
    AND   #7               ;+2
    BNE   .contBlock       ;+2/3
    DEX                    ;+2
    BNE   .nextBlock       ;+2/3

That saves another 2 cycles.

> ...and I'm probably doing 
> something wrong with the TXS/TSX because the first frame seems to display 
> okay and then the screen goes haywire.

> Please take a look at this source to see what's wrong.

You have to store the contents of the stackpointer at the begin of your subroutine and restore it before RTS.

Have fun!
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