Re: [stella] Imprints?

Subject: Re: [stella] Imprints?
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 14:52:55 -0500 (EST)
On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, TwoHeaded Software wrote:

> I've noticed that some of the homebrew authors publish their games
> under a brand or "imprint".  Bob Colbert has Retroware.  Andrew Davie
> has TwoHeaded Software (and also Retroactive, mentioned on his web
> page).  Billy Eno ("Warring Worms") has Baroque Gaming.
> What are these imprints?  Are they simply names that the authors are
> using as a blanket identity for their games, or did they go through the
> trouble of registering the name as a company, and if so, what was the
> legal red tape involved?

I have been using "Elektrovision" informally (not that I have actually
released anything under that name...) but I may need to change it... there
seams to be some company using that name now.  They apparantly do some
sort of internet live streaming thing, I don't know any details since
"internet live streaming" are just about the only english words on their
site.  Yes, I'm lame, I can only read english.

I was going for somthing classic video game sounding, you know, like
Colecovision, Microvision, Activision, etc.

Hmm...  brainstorm time...


Of course, it doesn't really have to have the form /something/vision...


No-op Design
Opcodewaremagicvision Design :-)
Vector Ops (may be better suited to Vectrex development... and only those
familiar with obscure old fixed frequency Mac monitors will get the joke)

       |@ ]@[ @|
       |@ ]@[ @|           /@@@@@\ |@@@@@@@@@| /@@@@@\   +@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|
       J@ ]@[ @K          ;@@@^@@@;|@@@@@@@@@|;@@@^@@@;  |@@@| \@@@L |@@@|
      .@| ]@[ |@.         J@@' `@@K   |@@@|   J@@' `@@K  |@@@| /@@@K |@@@|
      J@' ]@[ `@K        ;@@@@@@@@@;  |@@@|  ;@@@@@@@@@; |@@@@@@@@L  |@@@|
     J@F  ]@[  `@K       J@@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|  J@@@@@@@@@K |@@@|\@@@\  |@@@|
   J@@'   ]@[   `@@K    ;@@@@   @@@@; |@@@| ;@@@@   @@@@;|@@@| `@@@L |@@@|
 J@@P     ]@[     9@@K  J@@@V   ?@@@K |@@@| J@@@V   ?@@@K|@@@|   \@@@|@@@|
@@P       ]@[       9@@K

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