Re: [stella] Copy Protection

Subject: Re: [stella] Copy Protection
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:56:12 -0800
> Can anyone come up with a truly working copy protection scheme?

It's not possible.  Stella herself makes this so; if she can read it,
then so can Joe Schmoe's homebrew emulator, his EPROM
reader, and his copy of DiStella.  Consider how thoroughly the
various paging schemes have been hacked.  Anything readable
by a 1 MHz machine in a 1 GHz world is an open book.  If
nothing else you could monitor all the address and data lines
to the cart and reconstruct everything that goes on.  Even a
RAM cart can be made compatible if the ability to rewrite is
turned off by DIP switch instead of the register you cleverly
bombed.  (Maybe a feature of the Cuttle Cart II?)

--Roger Williams

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