Re: [stella] VCSC.H version 1.0

Subject: Re: [stella] VCSC.H version 1.0
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:02:36 -0800

One consistency issue... you've got MIXED_Case, Mixed_Case, and MIXED_case
labels... I'm not going to insist on my preference (all_lower_case), but
you should probably standardize the capitalization if you're going to use

I wanted to stick with the format that Nick used because I already use some of those constants in my programs and I didn't want to break backwards compatibility.

If case-sensitivity were turned off, it wouldn't be an issue. I have no need for case-sensitive labels myself. I'd get confused if I had two labels called the same but with different case like MainLoop and mainloop. I'd never do that in practice, and I doubt anyone else would either.

remembering twice as much information as just remembering how to spell
the label, if you use the same capitalization scheme for them all then
the programmer only has to remember that one scheme.

The way I do it is to copy and past out of the .h file rather than typing it into my code. If you have an assembly error its easy enough to do a case-insensitive search and replace on your sourcecode that fixes the case. Assuming case sensitivity were to remain on, that is.

I'd add a directive like this to dasm, but the general consensus here seems
to be that we should stick with what we have now, rather than create
mutually incompatible versions that all appear to be the same thing.

If a new version gets created, we just have to make sure it gets ported to all the platforms people are using here, that's all.

Also, has anyone tried using TASM? It looks like it compares fairly well with DASM, but with the advantage of being usable for Z80 and 6809 code also. TASM also has a way to define new opcode support in your asm files (i.e. illegal opcodes).

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