Re: [stella] TIA 1A schematics available.

Subject: Re: [stella] TIA 1A schematics available.
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 08:26:35 -0800
From: Mark De Smet <de-smet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I managed to get a copy of the TIA schematics....

Thanks for posting these, it's nice to finally be able to see
what those "in the know" are talking about when they're
discussed here.

BTW I had no trouble printing them; I started with the
100 DPI copies, told IView to change the DPI to 300,
and printed them out in landscape mode on 8.5 x 11
inch paper from my HP720 inkjet printer.  The restult
is small but legible. (I'm not sure how well this will work
with other printers; the 720 has the "Kodak photo
enhancements" which do wonders on photo printing.)

Now if I can remember where I put that book on
MOS gate technology from college, if I even still
have it...

--Roger Williams

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