Re: [stella] Strange Atari item found

Subject: Re: [stella] Strange Atari item found
From: "Eric Ball/Markham/IBM" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 08:20:13 -0500
The appear to be OTP (one time programmable) PROMs.  The gold covers are
typical of the ceramic packaging.  Although it is possible that these are
prototypes, I would suspect that a developer would more probably use a UV
erasable EPROM rather than an OTP.  OTP PROMs are considerably cheaper than
EPROMs, so these are probably pirate ROMs as has been suggested previously.
The only other thing they could be is an electrically erasable EEPROM, but
I don't know when those first became available (and they are much more
expensive than a standard UV EPROM).

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