Re: [stella] Finally found some time to work on my game

Subject: Re: [stella] Finally found some time to work on my game
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 00:02:20 -0800
The new laser fade out effect and the shaking effect when you hit the other player is very nice.

However, it looks a little strange to allow the base to move while the laser is effectively shooting by itself and fading out. You should either freeze the player until the laser is completely faded out, or visually imply that it's a missile trail (which I don't think you want to do).

Also, the 2-frame animations are still much too reminiscent of Oystron.

I would at least play around with different animation speeds if you stick with 2 frames of animation. Don't have a single speed for all the animated sprites. Maybe have some that flip graphics faster than others. It's just that the middle sprite movement, as a whole, with the gradients, the double-scanline res, the sprite cloning, the horizontal movement, and the chosen height of the objects is still too close to comfort to Oystron. You've got to make it your own.

Maybe if you had the objects do something besides just provide targets, like shoot-back, morph into other objects, change speed and direction intelligently, etc... their animations could be given somewhat more of a motivation.

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