[stella] modified Stella emulator

Subject: [stella] modified Stella emulator
From: "B. Watson" <urchlay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 21:29:23 -0500 (EST)
I have been sitting on this for quite some time, and I can't wait any longer..

Just recently, Bradford W. Mott re-released the Stella emulator under the
GNU General Public License... so I can finally release my modified version.

Brad has created a Sourceforge.net project at


Before this happened (or at least before I found out about it), I started
adding features to my copy of Stella. For now, my stuff isn't in the CVS
tree on sourceforge (partly due to the ugliness of my code, and partly
because I don't want to check in a huge patch without talking it over
with the other developers).

So I have put my current source code up on a friend's web server, for
members of this list to use. This is not an official release of Stella,
so please, please don't bother Bradford with bug reports on it. The
only reason I'm releasing this at all is that I think it'll be useful
for people developing 2600 code. I know it's ugly, and buggy, and
has annoying `features'... think of it as a `technology preview'

The source:


A prebuilt DOS binary:


New features:

	- Integrated debugger. Start with -debug option, or else press F10.
		Once in the debugger, type ? for help.
	- Ability to selectively enable/disable players, missiles, ball,
		and playfield. Press Insert/delete/home/end/pgUp/pgDn
	- Pause (F9) and frame-advance (F12)
	- new command line options: -nosound -fast -nodisp -debug -trace
	- SVGAlib version for Linux, with many display modes
	- 6502 profiler (a file `prof6502.out' is created with a list of
		how many times each 6502 opcode was executed)

I'm working on better documentation also. To compile, you need

	- For Linux or other Unix: either ecgs-2.91.66 or gcc-2.95.3
		(or 2.95.4).

	- For DOS/Windows:

		DJGPP from www.delorie.com, but you need the gcc-2.95.3
		binaries, not the gcc-3.0.2 ones that the zipfile picker
		will pick for you (just click on the ftp directory and
		download the gcc2953*.* versions of anything that the
		zip picker picked that begins with gcc302*)

		I suppose you could also try building the X11 version with
		cygwin or mingw compilers, but I doubt it'll work without
		some tweaking.

		If you have troubles compiling, do two things: 1) Let me
		know, so I can fix it, and 2) Try the binary release.

Hope somebody gets some use out of this...



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