[stella] Re: Alpha Demo

Subject: [stella] Re: Alpha Demo
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:22:17 +0100 (CET)
Hi Ruffin!

>>I upgraded it to 4K and managed to cramp another 7 (or 8?)
>>new parts into it, including early works from Eckhard Stolberg,
>>Rob Kudla, Ruffin Baily, Kurt Woloch and others!

>Now that's a scary prospect.


>>; 100% rewrote the display kernel from scratch, but the joystick
>>; reading routines were already that brill!

>Afraid I had to look up "brill", but only got the definition I already 
>knew, "a European flatfish".  Is that good or bad?  :^)  

Uhm... brill should've been short for 'brilliant'! :-)

> If it's bad (as I 
> suspect, though I'm still too naive a programmer to know why), you might as 
> well continue leaving the "e" out of "Bailey" so no one knows for sure it 
> was really me!

Ups, I'm sorry.

> Cute .bin overall, but did you have to give Matt the opening credits?  He's 
> already rubbed that in on one occasion.  

Hehe, maybe I'm gonna change that, if I ever do a 'Gamma' Demo :-)
I think someone recently had a similar rainbow thing displaying an Atari
logo, that might be a good replacement...

> And when do we get the cart?!  (jk 
> -- I saw that you said this was a slapdash hack barely tested on 
> z26.  Still, would be my first code on EPROM...)

Well, feel free to send it to Randy and get a cart done royalty free for $11 
if you like. As I said before, I'm not claiming for anything in that particular 
BIN, so go ahead if you like to have it on cart.

Someone should test it on the real thing though. Except the Grid(Board?)
part I think it should do fine on real carts. In the Grid thing there might 
occur some screen jumps. (Not 100% certain here... might do / might not do)

I probably can fix it, I stopped there more or less on lazyness...

> "Thanks for the memories",

You're welcome. It was great fun doing it.


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