Re: [stella] 2nd Resend: Warring Worms is Back!

Subject: Re: [stella] 2nd Resend: Warring Worms is Back!
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 09:43:26 +0100
At 20.01.2002, 00:35, Billy Eno wrote:
> That's an interesting idea, I'll have to see if I have enough cycles to do
> it.  Otherwise, it usually equals out in 2-player mode (it happens to both
> players at the same rate).

Still, it's a bit unfair.

> What is happening there is that every so often the computer moves randomly
> (with out "seeing" a block ahead).  Sometimes it turns all the way around
> for whatever reason and then fires on its own tail.

IMO you should tweak AI here, as it looks to stupid when he is running
into it's own tail.

>> It's also still (very rarely) possible to shot through the opponents
>> head without hitting him.

> This happens on both the emulators and the real machine, because I use the
> collision registers, and the missiles only move in one block chunks,
> occasionally you can "just miss" the head and hit the tail behind it (think
> "feature").

Precise collision detection is, what makes the difference between good
games and many not so good games for the 2600. :-) Perhaps you should
redesign that "feature". I think smoother missile movement would solve
the problem. Or just let the heads move in one frame and the missiles in
a different one.

>> What about a little death animation?

> Another good idea, I may even have enough space to do it (I have about 100
> bytes left)

I'm sure, that's more than enough.

> But don't you just _neeeed_ this cart? :>

I still even don't have a cart from my own Jammed game. :-)

Have fun!
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