Re: [stella] Thomas Jentzsch's PAL -> NTSC Conversions

Subject: Re: [stella] Thomas Jentzsch's PAL -> NTSC Conversions
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 10:44:08 +0100
Jess wrote:
> Just asking but would a possible Fatal Run PAL->NTSC be done in the near 
> future? 

Don't know, just because Fatal Run is a huge 32K ROM, which need much more work than a simple 4K one. I think, it should be up to others now to do so, perhaps from around here? ;-) 
After doing 21 conversion, I'm feeling a bit tired now... 
And I was asked before to do Ghostbusters II (16K ), so this will be my next task.

Chris wrote
> Do these games have their color pallettes changed to NTSC colors or were 
> they just hacked to change the number of scanlines?

You must know I'm from Germany, and Germans allways try to do things (good or bad) 100% correct. ;-)
So I changed all the colors too (as good as possible). That was a hell of work for some games. 
The name "Ikari Warriors" still raises some bad memories, because they stored graphic data and colors interleaved!. That really was a painful conversion.

Have fun!
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