Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection

Subject: Re: [stella] Perfect BIN copy protection
From: Chad Schell <gamer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:38:11 -0800

>See above out the timing of Jammed.  And if you're
really looking for just
>for $5.00 commission, why not use the Cuttle Cart to
your advantage and
>just sell the ROM for $5.00, kind of like shareware.

Hm... people not wanting to spend 16$ for a real
cartridge would spend 5$ for receiving _nothing_

Give it a try. You might be surprised. I know a lot of people that will happily spend $5.00 for just about anything, but balk at spending $16.00. Everyone has their threshold.

>True, but they also don't come to the public community
for assistance in
>developing and play testing their games.

You are saying that I'm taking more from [Stella] than

No, I'm saying that those who develop their games completely independently do not have any obligation to share what they do. By stating "Am I really that bad compared to them?" I felt you were implying you were better than them because you shared your code and .bin files. I was merely pointing out the fact that part of your sharing was to gain the benefit of other's time and experience, while they chose not to share and not to ask for help. That's a different but equally valid method of doing things and I felt it was wrong of you to take a stab at people not even involved in the discussion.

And with this I will conclude my participation in this discussion. We obviously do not agree on the distribution of locked out games. Further discussion will not change that.

Chad Schell
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