Re: [stella] Cyberpunks Announcement

Subject: Re: [stella] Cyberpunks Announcement
From: Steve Richardson <prefect@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:33:18 -0500
Glenn Saunders:
> I noticed that Chad updated his Cuttle Cart page to let us know that he has 
> officially sold out of his 2nd run of Cuttle Carts.
> The reason we donated 200 CDs to Chad was in order to benefit the Atari 
> community and write off some leftover inventory in the process.
> Sales remain sluggish enough that I've decided it's not worth my time to 
> continue processing orders.  So we've decided to donate all remaining 
> inventory to Randy Crihfield (aka Hozer Video).  He has agreed to offer 
> these items for the cost of shipping or a little bit more to cover costs 
> (shipping, printing new manual internals).
> This way anyone who wishes to obtain the Starpath catalog or the 
> documentary vids in the future can do so at non-profit cost.
> Happy 2002.


Do you have any contact information for Randy?  I tried emailing him
about a month ago and received no response.  I was hoping to get my
hands on copies of your documentary videos.

Steve Richardson (aka "that Happycart guy")


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