Re: [stella] Thomas Jentzsch's PAL -> NTSC Conversions

Subject: Re: [stella] Thomas Jentzsch's PAL -> NTSC Conversions
From: Lee Krueger <resqsoft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 12:27:29 -0800
John Saeger wrote:

> Thomas Wrote:
> > > curtiss 286,
> >
> > What's that? I (and Good2600) don't know it under that name.
> I think it's also known as Strahlen der Teufelsvogel.  Or something like
> that...  I don't remember why we named it curtiss.  I think it was in a
> loose EPROM that Lee Krueger brought over one time.
> John

I have the ROM somewhere (Maybe even the cart). It is indeed called Curtiss. An Atlantis clone as
I recall with birds (?).

I will check if you are interested.


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