Re: [stella] PAL Sound Conversion

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL Sound Conversion
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 15:36:40 -0600

That is correct, by my calculations as well.  According to Google, the
NTSC color clock is 3.579545 MHz and PAL is 3.546894 MHz.
228*262*NTSC = 16688.15 microsec (although you said 16686), and
228*262*PAL = 16841.78 microsec.

I got the 16686 from the Stella Programmer's Guide, but when I checked my calculation by recording the Atari playing a beat for 6 minutes and then running a click track against it, I found that the time value was a bit off and adjusted it. By the experiment, I had come up with approximately 16688.15. It's nice when the numbers work out right.

I finished a PAL version of the Synthcart with tempo values based on the PAL clock, and a new manual with the pitch table shifted down 13 cents, thanks to Eckhard's data. Thanks for your help, guys.


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