[stella] RE: My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports and Controllers

Subject: [stella] RE: My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports and Controllers
From: "Junies Creations" <junies_c@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 16:30:34 -0500
Just a short note -- I have gotten several e-mails lately, but can not respond to them. If you happen to e-mail me direct be sure that you can accept e-mail from Yahoo.com  I have gotten many returned e-mails because people have Yahoo.com blocked and I can not respond.

I am wanting to hear some input about this-- With my new REV. 2 of my 15-Pin controller ports and controllers it requires 14 multi-conductor wire.

Without having to charge $6.00 - $10.00 simply for the cost of the wire used, I have thought of a solution. Do you think standard 15 strand ribbon cable will work for the controller cords?

I simply buy ribbon cable and strip of the excess strands. I have been experimenting with a 2 foot piece of 15 strand ribbon cable, bending it in every way, wading it up, stretching it, etc.  After running my fingers across the ribbon cable a few times it straightens back out and is as good as new.

The cost of the ribbon cable will be around $2.00 instead of $6 - $10, and is more commonly available. After countless hours of scouring the net I have only found one supplier of the 15 multi-conductor wire at a half reasonable price. Of course if this one small company stops carrying the 15 multi-conductor wire, then I am in trouble.

So what do you think, will the ribbon cable work for the controller cables? Or does anyone know of another source of 15 multi-conductor wire, or even another controller cable idea?

With my testing it seems the ribbon cable will be fine, with a little straighten from time to time using fingers to smooth the cable. But I honestly do not know how well it will hold up for actual use.

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