RE: [stella] Anyone Have Supercharger Mod Schematic?

Subject: RE: [stella] Anyone Have Supercharger Mod Schematic?
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:46:28 -0600
Before I post these to AtariAge (and I've also received scans of this same
Supercharger mod), I'd like to get permission from whoever created them.  I
see that Dan Boris created the Supercharger schematic, so I can ask him
about that directly.  But who created the mod graphic?


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> Here are 3 files that I believe were all on Bob's page..
> sc.gif is a better quality (and color :) version of what Lee just sent to
> the list.. superch.gif is a reverse-engineered schematic of the
> Supercharger, and scmod.txt is Bob's description of the Supercharger mod..
> I figure it's good to have these archived somewhere, which is why I
> attached them.. They're small enough, too.
> Joe
> At 06:36 PM 03/04/2002 -0800, Lee wrote:
> >Here ya go :- )
> >
> >I took it off the WTW manual.
> >I'm sure Bob has a better pic somewhere.
> >
> >BTW: The 74HCT32 chips are no longer available from Radio Shack. Check
> >your local electronics
> >store.

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