Re: [stella] JtzBall Alpha

Subject: Re: [stella] JtzBall Alpha
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 21:09:20 +0100
Hi Thomas!

>I've been thinking about a 2600 version of Qix for 
quite a while, but I
>couldn't find a good solution. Then Manuel pointed at 
JezzBall, a more
>simple version of the Qix idea, which was part of M$ 
>Entertainment Pack.

Ooops! :-)

>The attached file is a very basic proof of concept 
conversion of
>JezzBall for the 2600 called JtzBall (Jtz is my 
shortcut :-).

Looks already pretty cool!

>There are still some problems to solve and IMO the game 
flickers far to
>much. But I'm only using one of the players until now, 
using the second
>player looks very possible and should reduce flicker a 

Well, your atoms are way too big. Make them single 
pixels as in Zolyx. Then you can use missiles & ball to 
display them.

>The main problem is, that I'm running out of time, when 
computing the
>atom/playfield collisions (~260 cycles/atom!), which 
alone would consume
>all offscreen time with 20 atoms. 

Playing the Jezzball with 20 atoms in VCS resolution is 
totally impossible - you'll notice that as soon as you 
implement more of the gameplay :-)

Is CCS64 running on your system? Try Zolyx to get a 
feeling for the game :-)
(It's available on )

And I still haven't done the atom/atom
>collisions and the Y-sorting of the atoms for the 

Why would they need to collide? 

>So there are still a LOT of problems to solve and I'm 
absolutely NOT
>sure, if I can make a game out of this.

Keep the faith! :-)


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