[stella] Inspired by Roger who (was: Inspired by cybergoth) :-)

Subject: [stella] Inspired by Roger who (was: Inspired by cybergoth) :-)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:04:20 +0200
Hi Roger!

> How about sorting the sprite list DURING THE KERNAL?  

Well, that is actually the only part of your brilliant 
idea I don't get.

Ok, attached are binary + source of a demo that does 
something I called FlickerSort.

The idea behind this is exactly what you said, except I 
sort the sprite list OUTSIDE THE KERNEL :-)

In the kernel I do just skip the sprites that are not to 
draw this frame, so I don't waste more than maybe 10 or 
so cycles inside the kernel, thus having displayed _all_ 
sprites at normal resolution...

Ok, the new FlickerSort is actually soooooo quick, that 
the demo bin handles 16(!) sprites at once. (Don't know, 
where the limits are, but that number of sprites is 
already way to much for my needs. 
Might be cool to use for 'They've Risen' or any Robotron 
clone, though! (Smash T.V. anyone?)

The display kernel itself is still buggy though... I'll 
try to finally fix that tomorrow...

hope you don't mind that I'm proving your concept, 
Roger? I just had to try that! :-)


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