RE: [stella] Ruffin Bailey's Disassembly of missile.bin

Subject: RE: [stella] Ruffin Bailey's Disassembly of missile.bin
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 19:56:15 -0500
If you're looking for a place to host those tutorials, let me know.  Every
now and again someone threatens to create a series of Atari 2600 tutorials,
but to date they haven't materialized.  I know many people would greatly
appreciate them!  :)

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> Subject: [stella] Ruffin Bailey's Disassembly of missile.bin
> Hiya...
> I was looking at Ruffin Bailey's Disassembly of missile.bin, trying
> to tweak some things and learn what's going on.  One thing I don't
> understand...a couple times it has
>   LDA #  ;some postitive value
>   STA HMM0;
> (once with Y instead of the Accumulator)
> when I replace that number with #00 , the missile is still moving to
> the right, seemingly at the same speed.  What am I missing here?
> (a lot I imagine..."I assume the HMM0 commands are self-explanatory"
> my right big toenail! ;-)
> Eventually I'd like to make a series of tutorial demos of
> increasing thing about "how to draw a playfield"
> is that I think most newbies are more anxious to get players and
> missiles going than the backdrops.  So I'd try to start with a
> very clean moving missile, then maybe moving player, or moving
> a missle with the joystick, and maybe one or two up from there.
> Ultimately, it might be cool to work it up on a kiddy version of
> Outlaw, though by that point I'll probably get distracted by my
> own game ideas, which are generally as simple or simpler than that.
> I'd like to keep the code very very clean, and so I'll probably
> bring stuff here for comments...hoping to get the most straight-
> forward (yet reasonably effecient) code, rather than the cleverest.
> (Or when I have to be clever, big comments explaining wht I'm
> up to.)
> But, I still have a bunch to learn 'til I can do even that, so...
> back to the .asm !
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