Re: [stella] tutorial progress

Subject: Re: [stella] tutorial progress
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 28 Jun 2002 15:24:06 -0000
> Since our canvas is the TV screen, and this guide is for newbies, you don't 
> want to be TOO abstract in diagrams.
> The tried-and-true diagram from the SPG really makes it seem as though the 
> 2600's output is skewed to the very right of the TV.

Heh, maybe I'll put in a link "click here to find out why
this diagram IS A LIE" to a seperate page with the correct diagram.

And I don't mean to underplay it too much...after all, I guess I
was kind of assuming in some technical way, things were skewed to 
the side, and knowing that the image is centered feels a little 

I still like the idea of ultimately bowing to the tradition and 
simplicity of the "visible on the right" point of view...otherwise
newbies are gonna start fretting about the time the electron beam
*actually* travels back, and I don't think that's a big issue.

Has anyone had problems with stuff during the horizontal blank
becoming visible?  Or does the TIA make it so the beam is turned 
surprssed during that time?

And how long does it take for the electron beam to travel back anyway?
That might make an attempt an "truly accurate" diagram futile anyway,
since we're kind of expressing left to right movement as "time",
it might be hard to represent the time when the electron beam zips
back, unless it was much much less than a cycle.

"All life is 6-to-5 against, just enough to keep you interested" --Runyon

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