RE: [stella] Marble Craze v0.90

Subject: RE: [stella] Marble Craze v0.90
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 15:35:00 -0500
I just spent a few minutes playing on a Cuttle Cart with real paddles, and
have some comments:

- I agree with others that when your marble is moving it should do more than
remain a static, white sprite.
- While I think the animation on the right in single player mode is cool, it
is very distracting.
- When you fall off the edge, it would be nice if you could actually shrink
the marble to give it the effect that it fell off the edge.
- Can you add some kind of audible feedback as your time is about to run
- I personally would put the START option on the bottom, instead of in
between the number of players and level.

Overall I think this is going to be a great game, especially when you are
playing against another person.  However, it is going to take some practice
to control well with two paddles.  I feel that people trying to play this at
CGE are going to be a bit aggravated, because you need to invest a little
time to associate one hand with up/down movement and the other with
left/right.  It also didn't help that it's a bit cumbersome trying to hold
two paddles in your lap while playing.

Would it be possible to add TrakBall support?

Albert Yarusso - albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx -
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> Well here's the latest version of Marble Craze.  It's very close to being
> finished except for designing the levels and music.  Currently there are
> two playable levels.  If you have a Cuttle Cart and a set of paddles (or
> two) then please try it out.  I'd love to get some feedback.
> Hope you like
> it!  :o)
> The data structure for the levels is pretty flexible and will allow for
> some pretty interesting levels.  I tried to illustrate this with the two
> levels I've put together so far.  I'm planning on including about 20-25
> levels.  Note that the first level in this version is a bit
> harder than the
> real first level will be.
> Controls:
> ---------
> Use a set of two paddles for each player.  One paddle controls the
> horizontal movement and the other controls vertical.  You will
> see two bars
> along the side of the screen show how hard you're pushing the marble.
> On the title screen, use the left player's horizontal paddle and
> button to
> change options and start the game.  Game Reset will also start the game.
> During the game, Game Select will return to the title screen.
> Gameplay:
> ---------
> Player 1 uses the left side of the screen and player 2 uses the right
> side.  If only 1 player is playing, the unused screen will
> display patterns.
> You start with three lives.  If you fall off or run out of time,
> you lose a
> life.  When you run out of time, if you have any lives left, you'll get
> another 15 seconds to attempt to complete the level.
> To complete a level, navigate to the finish line.  The finish
> line will be
> the same color as the area you start in.
> Scattered throughout the levels are small white bars called Power
> Bars.  When a power bar is on the screen, below your time display
> you will
> see a message suggesting what effect the power bar will have.  Power bars
> can have a variety of effects including extra points, extra time, etc.
> Some levels will have walls around the path and will not allow
> you to fall
> off.  These levels will display the word "WALLS" at the start of the
> level.  On these levels you will bounce off the edges.
> -Paul

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