[stella] How to use RESMP0 and RESMP1

Subject: [stella] How to use RESMP0 and RESMP1
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 04:52:00 -0400
This early morning's lesson is that you MUST use #%00000010 when you hit
RESMPx, not just have a 1 in D1, to reset a player's missile.

Here's a snippet from my hacked code (done in the "GameCalc" portion of

    ldy #$00    ; all zeroes
    lda CXM0P
    bpl exitColTest
        ; if you're here, OUCH!!  Player 1 has been hit by missile0.
        ; I'm changing the background color to show it's happened
    lda #%11111110 
    sta COLUBK
    ; now reset player0's missile
    ;As long as this control bit is true (1) the missile will
    ;remain locked to the center of its player and the missile
    ;graphics will be siddabled.

    ldy #%00000010    ; 1 in D1
        ; note that you must use 2, you must never use 1 or 0.
        ; 3 is right out.
        ; Seriously, using anything other than #%00000010 causes
        ; spotty results.
    sty RESMP0    ; voila.  Siddabled if y holds a one in D1.  :^)

I'm actually getting pretty close to having enough to get this demo into an
early game form.  Right now you generally move your player with the
joystick, but if you hold down the button you control your missile instead.
If you're a fan of EA's games on the C=64, this should remind you of one
small but important portion of a pretty popular sequel.

Unfortunately I don't think I can get the Atari to recreate the whole game
without some pretty fancy-smancy flickering routines, so I might have to
settle with the "small portion" for the time being.  Not to mention
recreating the whole game would take a heck of a lot more time, and I've
already spent about twice the time in the last week that I've spent on
Stella-ige in the last five years or so (slight exaggeration).  :^D

Hope this was helpful for somebody,

Ruffin Bailey

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