Re: [stella] Review my marble animation

Subject: Re: [stella] Review my marble animation
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 7 Jul 2002 14:01:31 -0000
Thomas J wrote:
> Like many developers on this list, Paul is using z26, because it has the
> best emulation quality and one of the authors (Eckhard Stollberg) is a
> 2600 programmer himself and very supportive.

I'm currently one of the exceptions...I use StellaX, which seems
to be a decent emulator if not as perfect, which has a nicer frontend,
and Z26 has sound problems on my system, there's always lowpitched 
background noise. (This is on XP Home). WHen I reach a milestone, 
I like to test it out on Z26 as well (though not PCAEWin anymore,
my first demos were fine in it but now it won't run what I've 

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