[stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair

Subject: [stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 00:37:22 +0200
Hi there!

Today I was finally able to work some more on Star Fire.
Result is some major cleanup of the complete source,
lot's of internal optimizations and I found some
solutions to several problems I had in older versions.

The complete Sprites code is now finished 100% and I
managed to put in the crosshair now.

Only thing yet missing in the main display is the
starfield, which is my next major milestone.
I hope it's doable at all :-)

On startup of the current BIN, you'll notice one non-
moving object, which can be controled via joystick. I
used this to determine and analyse any remaining
display/flicker problems.

The grey scale on the bottom is all that is left of
usable lines for the NTSC screen, so I'll have to
squeeze the display some more, when (if...) attempting
to add a radar screen.

Here's a little request for some *artistic* help:

Can anyone here create an animation of an incoming Star
Destroyer for me? I tried several times and failed :-)

Due to restrictions of my sprites engine I can't do the
mothership sideways as in the original Star Fire arcade,
so I decided to turn the angle by 90° and have it
incoming instead of moving left to right.

I'm just not good enough to draw it.

It'd require 8 frames, 16 pixels wide (which have to be
mirrored in the middle) starting as simple as:


And then it should grow into a real Star Destroyer.

Any help appreaciated! :-)

BTW: It's great to see so much activity on the list
again lately! Welcome all newbies! :-)


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