Re: [stella] Euchre: light on the horizon

Subject: Re: [stella] Euchre: light on the horizon
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:08:15 -0500

If you have a byte of RAM left, you could program a sound subroutine to call every frame, and the value of the byte to determine what effect to play. The upper three bits could determine effect, and lower five bits for number of frames (left) to play effect. That could be a buzz for 'wrong card', a plink for 'card played', a plunk for 'you (good)/they (bad) took trick', a 'whiffle' for shuffling time, and silence for all the other times. That's five effects (counting silence) -- or if the frame count is zero, then play silence.

Probably the sound effects could be done without using any extra RAM by just adding sound into the routines that handle the game logic. I added sound effects to Marble Craze this way. And you've already got status variables and at least one delay counter, so you can just use those existing status/counter variables to time and modulate your sound effects.


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