[stella] The Joy of Sticks

Subject: [stella] The Joy of Sticks
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 17 Jul 2002 23:45:28 -0000
Lesson 5, "The Joy of Sticks", has been added to "2600 101"
Now we can move that little missile with the joystick
(and change the screencolor with the firebutton)

Comments/Criticism welcome.

I see two more pages, then I'm gonna call it complete, after 
some editing and touch up. The final regular lesson will be 
moving around my smiley face sprite, and then I'd really like 
to get a good "2600 Cookbook" page going. (Or do people think
a "Cookbook", (kind of like the snippets page, but in a more
orderly format, and including more of the basics) should be a 
standalone page?  (It could act as both I suppose...and I
will be accepting "recipes" for the cookbook once I get the 
format down)

Hey, speaking of snippets, with Piero Cavina's 
"How to deal with mutliple copies of a sprite being hit" --
is there any way to get MXPOS and SXPOS?  (the sprite 
and missile positions?) As far as I know, you can 
laboriously horizontally position your sprites, then 
probably move them with the HMOVE stuff...does using 
this technique imply you manually update a record of 
the object's horizontal position every time you do an

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