Re: [stella] [OT] VeCaves to be released at CGE!

Subject: Re: [stella] [OT] VeCaves to be released at CGE!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 29 Jul 2002 05:25:03 -0000
> VeCaves is a twitch kinda game.  It is simple in concept, but extremly
> addicting.  It is kinda hard to explain, but I'll try.  You control a
> ribbon as it travels through a cave avoiding hitting the walls or
> boulders.  The cave bends, and gradually shrinks and quickly gets very
> difficult.  VeCaves definitely fits into the catagory of games which are
> equally as fun if you play for 5 minutes, or an hour. this a port of "SFCave"?
You can get this for the palm at
(if memory serves, was a lot faster on my b+w PalmV
then my color PalmIIIc)
as well as a java version at

It's an interesting game! Potentially controllable with
a single button (much like joustpong in the respect) but 
very challenging and playable, one of the few "go for the 
highest score" games I've ever really gotten into. And like
JoustPong, gravity is a major factor, and gives the game
its kinetic feel (except where JoustPong uses a flap key,
SFCave is a bit more like lunar lander meets a sidescroller...)

Anyway, congrats on getting your game out! And very good
choice of game, should use the capabilities of the vectrex
in a good way.

"Your vigor for life appalls me." --Robert Crumb Letters

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