[stella] Showgfx and Editgfx vanished?

Subject: [stella] Showgfx and Editgfx vanished?
From: Rodrigo <stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 08:44:58 -0300
Hi list!

After one week reading every tutorial and guide and tech info avaliable on the internet, learning 6502 assembly, downloading utilities and demos, messing up with DASM and Distella and stuff for the 1st time, its a bit disapointing to me that my 1st message to the so famous and now legendary Stella list is about such a minor detail... I wish my 1st message could be about something "serious" like illegal 6502 opcodes, a personal achievment ("Mom, I made a VCS game! "Hello World"), etc etc..

but the question is... the "minor" detail is really bugging me! :)

There it goes: it seems that Showgfx and Editgfx completely vanished from the internet. I cant find them anywhere. I tried the author's website, (@ the new and correct address, http://members.cox.net/rcolbert/), tried The Dig, tried AtariHQ, Nick Bensema's site, everywhere... but could not find them.

I know these tools are not essencial for making games, neither for learning how to do it. And probably in a week or so I will be taming TIA enough to make my own games (altought I'm sure they will be so crappy that Combat will look like Final Fantasy X)

But, as I've heard in many places, incluiding this list, those tools are a very easy, simple and nasty way to have *lots* of fun moding games graphics. I'm dying to put my hands on these and completely mess up with every sprite in River Raid! :))

So, anyone has any clue where i can find Showgfx and Editgfx? already tried google and stuff, but nothing. My guess is that is hidden somewhere inside Bob's site (illegal op-link? ;)

Well... thats all, folks!


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