Re: [stella] Space Treat .BIN and .ASM

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat .BIN and .ASM
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 09:24:41 +0200
Fabrizio Zavagli wrote:
> I'm attaching the .bin rom image for Space Treat "release version" as well
> as the source code and text-version manual.

Great! I have been playing this quite a while now and I really like the
colorful, nice graphics and the very challenging gameplay. The varying
attack patterns are cool.

Unfortunately I couldn't test the sound yet, because my soundcard is
currently on strike.

While the game is working well now, I think, now that you have time to
breathe after CGE2K2, it could need a little polishing here and there to
make it even better and give it a more professional touch. Here are my
(ordered) ideas:

- After you have finished a level, the game should stay one or two
seconds on the level before switching to the intermission screen, maybe
with some simple reaction of the enemies (blinking, stopping or
disappearing). That would give the player some more positive feedback.
- You should utilize the fire button for something. You could increase
the player speed while the button is pressed, activate some kind of
shield/warp/emergency escape or allow the player to shoot at the
enemies, pushing them back a bit (like in Oystron) or kill them etc.
- I would like to see some real scoring (based on fuel, lives etc.)
- Then using the SELECT switch to start at higher levels might be a good
idea, especially for those advanced players, who might find the first
levels to easy after a while.
- IMO the energy bar is a bit to thin, making it had to monitor it (I
think it will be even harder on TV)
- The key could move around in higher levels (which I haven't reached
yet ;-), making it harder to it pick up.
- The difficulty increase between level 2 and 3 is IMO a little bit to
high, but I don't know if you can fix that easy enough.
- If you have any space left, some animation of some of the enemies
would be nice.

Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE the look and overall gameplay of the
game. Therefore I would like to see it using all it's high potential.
And I just like to make things 100% perfect. :-) 

> I still have to clean up the comments (and translate some of them).. I've
> failed to do it in the last week so looks like I'll do it the next, just in
> case there is someone around who's brave enough to take a look at my code :)

Sure I did, looking for some possible extra space. There is... :-)

And most of the suggestions should be possible without needing too many
extra bytes.

Have fun!
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tjentzsch at web dot de |

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