RE: [stella] Your Homebrews At CGE ?

Subject: RE: [stella] Your Homebrews At CGE ?
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 22:31:49 -0500
Okay, I just got back from my long drive (I left yesterday at around 10am,
got back here in Austin at 9pm).  So, here is what we had in our booth, and
roughly how many copies of each were sold.  I won't have an exact number
until I unpack everything, which sure as hell isn't going to happen tonight:

- Thrust Plus: DC Edition, w/cart, box, manual, foot pedal controller (~35
- Mr. Roboto, cart only (~25 copies)
- Vault Assault, cart and manual (18 copies - sold out)
- SCSIcide, cart, manual and anti-static bag (20 copies - sold out)
- Berzerk VE, cart and manual (50 copies - sold out)
- Castle Blast (5200), cart, manual and box (~35 copies)
- Mental Kombat, cart, box, manual, head bands, Hozer button (10 copies -
sold out)
- Space Treat, cart and manual (no clue how many we sold)
- Warring Worms, cart and manual (not sure how many sold, Billy Eno can give
- Haunted House II 3-D (5200), cart and manual (~45 copies, only brought 50)
- Super Pac-Man (5200), cart only (~45 copies, brought 50) (yes, not a
homebrew, I know)

Wow, that's quite a few games.. <grin>

We were also selling copies of Snow White and RealSports Basketball on
Sunday for Marc Oberhäuser so he could roam around the show.  I know he
didn't sell nearly as many copies as he would have liked.  I think this is
true of all the expensive, boxed reproductions.

Alright, I have to go back to reading the rest of my 2,000 messages.  :)

Albert Yarusso - albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx -
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> How many of you guys sold your homebrews at CGE?
> Did you guys go through Hozer for the carts, or is everyone building their
> own carts??
> I heard rumors that Space Treat and possibly Marble Craze were sold.
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