Re: [stella] OSX

Subject: Re: [stella] OSX
From: Christian Groessler <cpg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 17:52:27 +0200
On 08/27/2002 08:27:33 AM AST Ruffin Bailey wrote:
>Man I'm lazy,  :^)  I still boot into Classic to hack on 2600 code.
>> If you want my version I can put it up on ftp.
>That'd be super.  If you wouldn't mind me slapping it up on my
>site, I'd appreciate it (the Mactari Tools site, in need of a new
>home, not the blog below).

Ok, new sources, a precompiled binary and diffs to the regular 4.1
version are on

No problem if you put it onto your tools site.


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