Re: [stella] player graphics on 2600 101

Subject: Re: [stella] player graphics on 2600 101
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 Aug 2002 13:44:52 -0000
> On 30 Aug 2002 KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Thanks to B.Watson, I stole his jpeg NTSC colorchart.
> Actually, it's not mine, I stole... er, borrowed it from a post to this
> list. I *think* the jpeg is a screenshot made by Stella on a Mac, taken
> by Jake Patterson.

Aha...well, I think we're all pretty generous about this kind of 
"theft" anyway...but I'd like to make the most reasonable attributions,
can someone confirm Jake Patterson? I glanced through the archive and 
saw he was up to that kind of thing, but couldn't find the screenshot
> (Other than trivial changes with the labels like changing VisiblePlayerLine
>  to VisiblePlayerLine)    <--- huh?

Heheh...that *would* be a trivial change, now wouldn't it?
Anyway, the first one of those should be "VisibleMissileLine".
I think I might have overdone the automated search and replace...

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