[stella] player graphics on 2600 101

Subject: [stella] player graphics on 2600 101
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 Aug 2002 01:51:27 -0000
Finally got to adding the next page of 2600 101:
At it's core it's just the "move a missile graphic
with the joystick" but moving a player graphic instead.
To liven it up I combined it with "thin red line", 
and when they collide it changes the background color 
to match the player's height.

Thanks to B.Watson, I stole his jpeg NTSC colorchart. 

Any comments/suggestions for the prose or the code 
are more than welcome. I figure one more page on 
"Player Buffer Stuffer", then a first stab at 
"the 2600 cookbook", and I'll be ready to call
it version 1.0, and look for a plug (and maybe a new
URL) at atariage.com....man, that's such a good site.

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