Re: [stella] Skeleton - a new game

Subject: Re: [stella] Skeleton - a new game
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 22:44:29 -0400
Jay Eng:
> Just tried it on PCAE. It appears to not work.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?  Any reasons why it might fail?  I haven't
done anything particularly strange.

> If you can add some RPG elements that would be great.
Fabrizio Zavagli:
> it would be nice if the side walls sections could get bigger (larger) as
they come near, and thinner as they get distant.

Unfortunately, both of these suggestions would require a major rework of
the kernel.  In particular, I'm using both P0 & P1 for the skeleton (which
also makes mulitple skeletons impossible) and the walls are 4 PF bits each
to fit easily.

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