Re: [stella] Skeleton - a new game

Subject: Re: [stella] Skeleton - a new game
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:30:03 -0400
Hi Manuel!

> Cool! It's already fun, just roaming around and chasing
> the skeletons! :-)

Just wait 'till you can be killed, then they will be chasing you...

> Hm... hm... linking two VCS via the joystick ports and
> have a second player roaming around, controling the
> skeleton... hm... doable... hm... hm...

Yeah, I've already given some thought along these lines.  One of the
"output" lines would be wired to button input on the other VCS.  Set the
latch to make it easier to capture bits, and only pulse the output for part
of the sampling interval.  Then it's just a matter of syncronization &
initialization.  I figure that the data would only be sent during the
active lines to the game logic can use the entire vblank time.

Only a limitted ammount of data needs to be sent: position, facing &
firing.  If it's sent each frame, then the lag will be minimal.
Unfortunately, the latency issue would prevent anything other than a direct
cable connection.  (Well, with a TTL to fiber converters, maybe...)  But
the code is certainly arranged to make it possible to transform the
skeleton into a remote player.

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