Re: [stella] Final Page of 2600 101?

Subject: Re: [stella] Final Page of 2600 101?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 8 Sep 2002 17:16:07 -0000
> At 03:03 AM 9/8/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> >I finished the last tutorial page of 2600 101...
> >
> Hmm..  Shouldn't 2600 101 cover a few more topics?  Or will that be in 2600 
> 201?

It's not meant to be as comprehensive as, say, "Stella Guide 2".
My goal was that a newbiew who read through it would be able
able to be conversant enough to make sense of the other resources;
this list, the Stella manual etc, reading through code, etc.

So to that extent, I think the "101" moniker works, even though 
admittedly it was chosen as part of a cute name.  (Better than
"So you want to be an Atari Programmer..." that I started with.)  

On the other hand, if I can make some headway on a Cookbook
page (akins to "snippets", but each topic much more pointed,
sans full kernals) it might be closer to a full "101", at 
least touching on topics like sound and paddles and what not.

Re: Skipdraw:
Thomas, first off I think your English is generally
terrific.  The thing about SkipDraw is, if you search
the archives for it, you mostly see two things:
the word embedded in largeish code entries, and then
people saying "go search the archive for SkipDraw" :-)

So I don't know if there's an entry of more general
conversation I'm not seeing, or if you mean that people
should inspect the Outlaw code and what not that uses 
it as the best way to understanding.  

I should get started on the Cookbook page, so people know 
what I'm talking about. (Having mentioned it so much
I think it's definately getting to be "put up or shut up"
time...though I am happy to have gotten more or less 
closure on my vision for the tutorial part of 2600 101.)

"There are two adults and one child. Majority rules. 
 Live like an animal or die." --James Israel

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