Re: Robot City v0.21 (was Re: [stella] Robot City v0.18)

Subject: Re: Robot City v0.21 (was Re: [stella] Robot City v0.18)
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 00:07:57 +0200
Hi Thomas!

Thomas wrote:
> Fabrizio Zavagli wrote:
> >It would maybe be a little less confusing (at first) to
> >include the Wall Density in the more generic Difficulty
> >setting.
> Maybe, but which density is more difficult? I think, different
> densities change the type of strategy, but not the overall
> difficulty. So it's hard to combine them.

Yes in fact, after testing v0.21, it's pretty evident that each wall density
has its advantages and disadvantages for players.. Hard to say which is
easier! Probably they're the same difficulty, just different.. How about
alternating the density from level to level, or in groups as suggested

> - improved fuel display (but still no function behind)

You mean that in the final version I can die by finishing the fuel also?
Ouch!!! :))

> - larger tank missiles

I think that the tank missiles speeds is very high as it is now, and makes
avoiding them almost impossible (for me).. That speed should definitely be a
difficulty option IMO!

Glenn Saunders wrote:
> This is the first time I've played it on a real 2600 and for some reason
> collision between the helicopter's missiles and the tanks isn't
> working.  The missiles just pass through without affecting the tanks.  Is
> this intentional??

Humm I've tested it now on a PAL 2600 with CuttleCart and it looks like it's
working fine...

I really look forward to the next version of Robot City!


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