RE: [stella] a78sign porting

Subject: RE: [stella] a78sign porting
From: Dan Boris <dboris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:27:22 -0400
The person you might want to contact is Frank Palazzolo, he is the one
that converted the original Atari ST program to the PC. His e-mail is:


Glad to hear of your interest in programming the 7800, I was hoping more
people would get interested in this. 

Dan Boris

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I'm new to this list! Hopefully i'm going to be getting into Atari 7800
game development soon, it all depends on whether I can put together an
Atari 7800 developer kit for the Amiga (i don't have any Wintel boxes at

I've had a brief look through the archives, and you seem like a nice,
helpful bunch, so I hope i'll fit in. I suppose I'd better give you a
bit of background..

I live in the UK, where i'm a software engineer for a slot machine
company, so I get to code in Z80 assembler for a living ;)

I'm a keen retrocomputer and gaming enthusiast, and I love weird
hardware architectures and assembly language. I can code in 68000, 6502,
6809, Signetics 2650, i386 (YUCK! ;), and Z80 assembly, as well as a
whole bunch of high level languages.

Right... on to my first query...

I was attempting to compile a78sign on the Amiga with GCC.

Well, I can't even build Cryptolib++, which is supposed to be very
portable, let alone A78sign :-/

Anyway, I know 68000 assembly better than I know C++, and it occurs to
me that a78sign was created through people decoding an Atari ST program
(which was 68000), and my target platform is... 68060!

I was wondering if you knew if anyone had the source, or a commented
disassembly (or at worst an uncommented one ;) of the original Atari ST
program so that I might have a go at porting it directly...


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