[stella] The FAQ

Subject: [stella] The FAQ
From: "Mark Graybill" <saundby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 15:28:45 -0700
I've started on fleshing out the FAQ a bit. I'll probably post what I've got so far within the next couple of hours for comment and general derision. 8P
I've been filling out the introductory, background info parts of the FAQ so far, and fleshing out the outline of the document overall. I'll probably start putting in actual coding information pretty soon. I expect those parts to be just rough cut-and-pastes from past posts at first, and if time allows we can go back and smooth things out later.
I'm not planning on including a full tutorial in the FAQ myself, I'd rather point at the work that's already been done with a URL. I'm trying to be fairly comprehensive on what the bits are that are required to make a basic program work.
Oh, I've also got a sort of 2600 _and_ 7800 slant to the thing. I haven't done any 7800 software stuff myself, I've only done hardware work with it so far, but I wanted to make places to put the info. I'm planning on going on to program the 7800 once I've decided I've had enough fun with the 2600, myself.
Anyway, one area where I want a bit of guidance is on websites. I could probably overwhelm myself with trying to get every URL in that rightfully belongs there, but I have other plans for what I'd like to contribute to the FAQ. So far I've put in a comment about the FAQ not trying to be comprehensive about websites and other internet resources, and divvied the sites up into three fairly basic categories (2600/7800 programming, 2600/7800 tech, general tech-6502, etc.) Each category has a few representative sites so far.
So, what I'd like is if folks could post websites that the FAQ couldn't _possibly_ be complete without, along with a brief description so that I can do a quick cut and paste into the FAQ. I'll try to filter repeats. Here's a sample of the sort of format I'd like (I'm not planning to include this particular site, I'm just using it as a format sample):
Saundby's Atari 7800 Mods, a page of hardware mods including video and power mods:
Mark G.
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