Re: [stella] More serotonin, please

Subject: Re: [stella] More serotonin, please
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 08:10:54 +0200
Hi Thomas!

>Manuel Polik wrote:
>> I think those two pixels jumps wil be badly noticed,
>> especially with ships that have a low horizontal 

>Might be, or might be not...


>> Hm... and one can't reposition both sprites in one 
>> anymore, or?


With the HMP0/Y table values having Y < 2, it's getting 
scrambled on the left border, with Y values getting > A 
the second RESP is coming to late fot that line.
I know, because I tried that more than once :-)

>> Oh, BTW, some magical mystery I noticed:

>> Have you seen, that after my repositioning HMOVE a 
>> second HMOVE is executed, _before_ HMP0 & HMP1 are 
>> cleared? Phew... I wonder how this kernel works at 
>> all... :-)

>Yes, you are lucky that this works.

I really never noticed that at all, it just worked from 
the beginning, once I had the starfield added which 
required the additional HMOVE :-)

>BTW: IIRC that's what I told you in a private mail some 
days ago. :-)

Oooops. I missed that one then. Or did I miss the whole 
mail? It was not regarding the blind spot on top, was 


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